Using Roof Melt Pellets To Eliminate Ice Dams

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bag of ice melt pelletsRoof Melt Pellets with Brody Chemical's Polar Ice Melt

Homeowners living in cold climate regions must find ways to deal with snow and ice accumulation on the rooftop during a winter storm. Ice can clog up the gutters and dangerous buildup occurs as ice dams form on top of the house. One way to get rid of these ice formations is to use roof melt pellets.

Ice dams usually occur because the attic space has insufficient ventilation or insulation. Poor sealing will also prevent ice from melting away after a storm. The only way to prevent this problem is to address the underlying cause but once ice has formed on a surface, it is important for homeowners to find an immediate solution.

Ice melting compounds come in liquid and solid forms. Roof melt pellets are easy to work and will effectively open up a channel in the ice to allow water to drain away. The compound is contained in a fabric sleeve and placed across the ice. The contact generates heat that slowly melts the ice.

Consumers should check all the ingredients of any melting product before using it. Manufacturers use different chemicals to make their products. Some of these components are harmful to specific types of roofing materials. They may be corrosive or leave a stain if they do not rinse away completely. Homeowners must research the product to make sure it is safe for use.

Homeowners should also consider the health of any trees, bushes, flowers or other plants that are in the path of any runoff water. The melting compounds may contain ingredients that can harm plants.

Roof melt pellets can solve the problem of ice buildup on top of a house but consumers must carefully research any product they intend to use. This will prevent further damage to the structure and ensure the landscaping does not suffer.

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